These are the companies that have gone into insolvency since 2008 according to the National Organization of Life and Health Guarantee Associations.  Property and Casualty companies are not included in this list.  Some, such as Exec Life of New York, and Penn Treaty had their origin long before the crisis.  As you can see, no very large companies are on the list.  Overall, life insurers came through the crisis in remarkable shape.  For more, you can google NOLHGA.

2008 Lincoln Memorial Life Insurance Company
2009 American Network Insurance Company *
2009 Medical Savings Insurance Company
2009 Old Standard Life Insurance Company
2009 Penn Treaty Network America Insurance Company *
2010 Booker T Washington Insurance Company, Inc.
2010 Imerica Life and Health Insurance Company
2010 National States Insurance Company
2010 Universal Life Insurance Company
2011 Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company
2012 Standard Life Insurance Company of Indiana
2013 Executive Life Insurance Company of New York
2013 Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company
2013 Universal Health Care Insurance Company, Inc.


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