We aim to rescue people from making bad financial decisions. Through education and coaching, we eliminate confusion, fear, and worry by bringing clarity to financial concepts and solutions. While other approaches can create unnecessary complexity, we give our clients understanding not just about their financial situation, but about the beliefs and emotions that can sabotage their success.

We can also help you make the proper investment decisions in your employer’s plan. So, if you are working and contributing to a 401k or 403b, we are here to help you!

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About Wallace R Nichols, MBA, JD

My name is Wallace R Nichols, MBA, JD. I go by Wally.

I am a financial and legal educator. Besides being an educator, I am a wealth, estate, and financial planner licensed to practice around the nation. I hold FINRA Series 7 & 66 licenses. I am the principal for Asset Guidance Group, LLC, a registered investment advisor with the SEC and Georgia Secretary of State’s office. My educational background besides having a juris doctorate is my MBA in quantitative analysis and information systems. I have a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance. I began my financial career in the financial services industry with the New York Life Company after leaving corporate America (Mobil Oil/GTE) in the late 1980s.  New York Life had one of the best industry educational development programs in the nation at that time. I left New York Life in the mid-90s and have been a sole practitioner and ran my own practice since that time. I am also an attorney licensed to practice in the States of Georgia, Arizona and am an active member in those State Bars, although I’m now inactive member of the DC  Bar. I’ve litigated cases before the Supreme Court of Georgia, the Georgia Court of Appeals, the Arizona Court of Appeals, and practiced in state and federal courts about the nation for 26 years.

 I design my own models and manage my clients’ at-risk money upon request. Otherwise, I monitor third party money managers and clients who wish to use those models do so. However, I’m extremely pleased with my own models’ performance over the past year. I tactically manage money for my clients in accord with their stated risk tolerances. I stay in contact with them regularly and frequently especially when we get market roller coasters. The greater percentage of my clients for whom I manage money are currently in retirement.

 Although I’m not a CPA, I am qualified to represent you before the IRS, to prepare your taxes, and even represent you before the IRS in administrative proceedings or in federal court. I routinely teach continuing professional education classes to lawyers, CPAs, and financial planners through NBI, the National Business Institute in ethics, taxes, wills, estates, and trusts, business entity formation, and tax implications for all of the above. So, we will be discussing things that have tax and estate planning implications.  Hard to discuss retirement planning without bringing these things into the mix.

 So, who better to discuss retirement planning, longevity risk planning and the changes in the legal and financial worlds related thereto, than someone who has already immersed himself into these topics and actually helped people through such crises?

Asset Guidance Group, LLC , a Registered Investment Advisor

Just as I stand behind you to help you pursue your financial dreams, I have teams standing behind me and supporting my business. These firms also strengthen our relationship by providing the resources I need to better serve you–Wallace R. Nichols, JD, MBA, Principal

Hi, I’m Wallace R. Nichols, JD, MBA, and I am the managing member and Investment Advisor Representative of Asset Guidance Group, LLC, a Registered Independent Advisor (“RIA” or “AGG”).

As a RIA, AGG is governed by the Investment Company Act of 1940 (“40 ACT”) and is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and state securities laws of Georgia, primarily regulated through the Department of Banking and Finance.

Our Custodial Trading Platforms: Folio Institutional and TD-Ameritrade

While a broker-dealer helps supervise and facilitate the trading that converts your cash into invested assets, and charges fees for those activities, your assets are actually held by a custodian. I use Folio’s hybrid-robo advisor platform that holds brokerage accounts (including the brokerage accounts within IRAs) and fulfills a legal responsibility for safeguarding your assets while also providing related administrative services on your behalf, including settlement of purchases, tax and account record keeping, monthly statements, confidentiality and data integrity protections, and more. If by chance you hold or need a security that is not listed on Folio’s platform, we can access it via TD-Ameritrade’s platform. Go here to read KPMG’s analysis of robo-advisors.

My Most Important Connection Is With You

While AGG’s Money Managers and Folio’s Ready to Go portfolios and offering of ETFs and mutual funds and a variety of other securities play important roles in my day-to-day servicing of your needs, the most important relationship I have is undoubtedly with you. FAN recognizes this fact and we all model our services based on that fact. The philosophy is simple. Because I am the Investment Advisor Representative and managing member of the RIA, I can offer the best possible fees and most flexibility for the advice and service offerings to my clients.

Anytime you would like more information about AGG, Folio Institutional or TD-Ameritrade, please do not hesitate to ask. I want you to feel confident that you understand, to your satisfaction, how we work with and through these firms, why I have chosen to work with FAN, and the absolute priority both FAN and I place on my relationship with you.


Among the many benefits I have as an RIA are:

  • Independent access to a carefully structured lineup of diversified, unaffiliated, money-managers that have proven records of outstanding money management
  • Appropriately competitive client fees
  • Environment allowing the best possible service for our clients

Technology Assisted Risk Analysis:

The first important matter to address is your risk appetite. We analyze that using Tolerisk, a service that quantifies your risk profile where we can then put it to work for you. You can learn more about Tolerisk by using this button to go there and answer a few simple question to gain insight into your risk profile.

Adding New Dimensions to the Convention Client Investment Experience

Wallace R. Nichols founded Asset Guidance Group, LLC enable the client to experience a truly hands-on service boutique, someone the client can truly communicate with and work with on numerous levels. We engage clients and work together with them as team members to make better informed financial decisions that will achieve the clients’ and their families’ goals.

  • We have an automated Back Office System with integrated electronic recordkeeping to address all regulatory requirements
  • Folio’s new account process is almost entirely paperless
  • We can offer 401k design and processing through a special dedicated service provider if you are a company interested in offering 401k benefits
  • Our fee structures are dramatically competitive in the industry


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