Hello, Trumpcare!

What we see coming out in the next few weeks as the plans  available on the public exchange continue their meltdowns is this: a new “Short-Term Limited Duration” coverage plan that will span 36 months. The newest insurance regulations released have extended short-term limited duration plans out to 3-year terms in many states. These plans are alternatives to the ACA plans available on the public exchanges for those with pre-existing conditions. But, they promise to be more affordable, as the ACA plans aren’t realistic for the majority of Americans.We expect Georgia to soon approve this product line in the next few weeks. Stay-tuned to this space for updates.

Meanwhile, our Employer Select Group Plans* Have Doubled Their First-Dollar** Benefits!

*Available to groups of 10 or more. Groups of 5-9 enjoy 1/2 the total maximums with some exceptions. **First Dollar means the plan pays a defined benefit, as agreed, without you paying a single penny of deductible–$0 Deductible! Individual plans are available also. Contact us for details.

Don't Go Without Insurance!
Surgery is Expensive! Don’t Go Without Insurance!

Max Benefits are $5 million lifetime/$250,000 per Covered Person Per Year. Critical event coverage for Groups of 10+ start at $10,000 and range to a max of $40,000. That means you get a check in the mail for up to $40,000 if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a critical event! Individual plans allow critical-event coverage up to $50,000 in a lump sum payable to you.

This insurance actually pays as agreed, and you don’t pay a deductible. You pay any excess charges over the defined benefit. But, through Karis360, an additional service at no extra charge, your total bill is negotiated down from stated “retail” rates. 


MultiPlan allows PHCS network provider discounts, which average, all in-network charges are discounted 43% from stated “retail” rates. PHCS is the largest primary PPO network in the nation–available at no extra cost with over 900,000 providers. To check if your favorite providers are “in-network,” click the button:

You count on your employees, make employee healthcare a priority for your business!

Attract & Retain Quality Employees

Decrease Absences & Illnesses at Work

Increase overall quality of life

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