Retirement Income Models–Aggressive Income Core

Model Analysis

The Model called Agg-RI-ConsCore&Satelites has a tracking value of $9,998.67 allocated across 47 securities. Although what is depicted here is price-accumulation growth vs the S&P 500 Total Return, our focus in on the dividend yield which we target at 9-11% annually, considering market conditions. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Past Performance

  • The graph shows a backtest of the model’s current holdings only. To view the actual historical performance of the model as it changed over time, please go to “View Performance.”
  • Remember, future returns may differ substantially from past returns.
  • The model’s performance information is based on the model’s tracking Folio, which does not constitute a composite for purposes of AIMR reporting.

Returns: Agg-RI-ConsCore&Satelites: vs. S&P 500 (Total Return):

A dotted line means that at least one security in your Model Folio did not exist at that time. The further back in time the graph goes, the more likely it is that other securities did not exist. This graph assumes an initial investment of $25,000.

The Market Capitalization Weighting of Model Holdings

Sector Breakdown

Sector WeightingsModelS&P 500
Consumer Staples:1.81%7.03%
Consumer Discretionary:0.00%4.40%
Basic Materials:0.00%1.80%
Industrial Products:0.00%2.60%
Multi-Sector Conglomerates:2.04%2.29%
Business Services:0.00%4.56%

Model Risk Metrics 

StatisticModel HoldingsOne-Year Risk
S&P 500
Beta vs S&P 500 /
Relative Risk
0.60* /
Below Average
— / NA1.00 / Average
Volatility / Absolute Risk11.82%* /
Below Average
— / NA15.73% / Average
* 46 out of 47 securities in the Current Holdings risk calculations. Securities not included have an incomplete return history, which may be due to pending corporate actions, recently listed securities, or unavailable data from our vendor.

Model Fundamentals

StatisticModelSecurities in Calculation*S&P 500
Price/Earnings9.3622 out of 4718.64
Price/Sales0.6722 out of 472.16
Price/Book1.3423 out of 473.22
Earnings per Share1.9727 out of 478.94
Dividend Yield8.8335 out of 471.96
Market Capitalization12.96 B31 out of 47289.85 B

* Number of total securities with available data from our vendor