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Zero Tax Retirement

As we are a member of The Elite Power of Zero Advisor Group, our strategies are designed to get you to a Zero Tax Retirement if possible. Click HERE to link to David McKnight's The Power of Zero website.

Asset Protection

Choose how much you need to keep, spend, and pass on as legacy, and be unavailable to future creditors.

Investment Models

Your investments must match your comprehensive risk tolerance which includes the risk of prematurely running out of money.

My name is Wallace R Nichols, JD, MBA. I go by Wally. The “JD” stand for juris doctorate; yes, I’ve been a lawyer for over 26 years. The MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration. My focus was in financial statistical forecasting. I spent my late 20s in the Northeastern portion of the USA working for BIG corporations. Once Time Magazine gave me an award for teaching them a then-cutting-edge forecasting system.

First and foremost, I am a fiduciary. I manage your planning with your best interests paramount even as to my own. I’ve been a practicing lawyer for over 26 years. So being a fiduciary is nothing new to me.

I am a financial and legal educator. Besides being an educator, I am a wealth, estate, and financial planner licensed to practice around the nation. I hold FINRA Series 7 & 66 licenses. I am the principal for Asset Guidance Group, LLC, a registered investment advisor with the SEC and Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

I’m community minded. I am on the Board of the Georgia Financial Planning Association (FPA). I volunteered as a Citizen on Patrol with the Dunwoody Police Department from 2018-2019. 

My educational background besides having a juris doctorate is my MBA in quantitative analysis and information systems. I have a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance. I began my financial career in the financial services industry with the New York Life Company after leaving corporate America (Mobil Oil/GTE) in the late 1980s.  New York Life had one of the best industry educational development programs in the nation at that time. I left New York Life in the mid-90s and have been a sole practitioner and ran my own practice since that time. I am also an attorney licensed to practice in the States of Georgia, Arizona and am an active member in those State Bars, although I’m now inactive member of the DC  Bar. I’ve litigated cases before the Supreme Court of Georgia, the Georgia Court of Appeals, the Arizona Court of Appeals, and practiced in state and federal courts about the nation for 26 years.

 I design my own models and manage my clients’ at-risk money upon request. Otherwise, I monitor third party money managers and clients who wish to use those models do so. However, I’m extremely pleased with my own models’ performance over the past year. I tactically manage money for my clients in accord with their stated risk tolerances. I stay in contact with them regularly and frequently especially when we get market roller coasters. The greater percentage of my clients for whom I manage money are currently in retirement.

 Although I’m not a CPA, I am qualified to represent you before the IRS, to prepare your taxes, and even represent you before the IRS in administrative proceedings or in federal court. I routinely teach continuing professional education classes to lawyers, CPAs, and financial planners through NBI, the National Business Institute in ethics, taxes, wills, estates, and trusts, business entity formation, and tax implications for all of the above. So, we will be discussing things that have tax and estate planning implications.  Hard to discuss retirement planning without bringing these things into the mix. 

I’m a member of the Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. SOFA is dedicated to increasing the financial literacy of the American adult population. SOFA’s educational events are designed to fill the gap for those areas they just don’t teach at university or in high school–the practical stuff where the rubber meets the road.

I’m also an active member of the National Society of Financial Educators (NSFE). The National Society of Financial Educators is a network of educators dedicated to helping pre-retirees and recent retirees improve their lives through comprehensive personal finance education.

These courses are conducted on university and college campuses across the country and are designed to increase awareness about financial issues so that class attendees can make more informed decisions about their retirement.

 So, who better to discuss retirement planning, longevity risk planning and the changes in the legal and financial worlds related thereto, than someone who has already immersed himself into these topics and actually helped people through such crises?

Wallace R Nichols, JD, MBA

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How May We Serve You?

Financial Analysis

After we've received a completed Confidential Information Survey, we will quantify your results and give you a report on how you can create 4-6 tax-free income streams in retirement. This roadmap will help you spend-down your assets in the optimal order of liquidation. That information alone generally saves people hundreds of thousands of dollars and extends the life of their portfolio by 5-7 years!

Retirement Investment Models

I have created and manage several investment models geared to a variety of risk profiles. Unlike most advisors, I don't necessarily farm out your at-risk assets to third party money managers and then just serve as a go-between translator. I get to know you. I communicate with you. I pull the triggers when you decide. Go to this section to learn more.

Update Your Risk Score

Risk is a comprehensive discussion involving much more than just the transactional aspects of "how much would you risk to lose to gain X%" This metric we call "willingness." But risk also includes your ability to invest as well as the probability of you running out of money if the worst occurs in the markets or your life.

Online Consultations

I conduct all meetings online in a live virtual setting until the Covid-19 crisis abates. In non-pandemic times, we meet personally in my conference room. Either way, I maximize the use of technology to effectively and timely communicate with you.

Privacy Policy

Go here to review our privacy policy. Bottom line: We don't market your information to third parties. We only share your information to the extent to help us analyze and advise you and manage your ongoing portfolio.

Disclosures & Legal Information

Go here to see important legal disclosures and information.

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Many people are “do-it-yourself” minded (DIY) when it comes to retirement planning and money management. The compulsion to go DIY is understandable from several perspectives nowadays. But, there’s that old saying that, “Two heads are better than one!” You know where you want to be in retirement. You also have knowledge and experience. By combining that with our knowledge, experience and technology, we’ll reach superior results compared to your DIY and going it alone.

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