Service We Offer Inviduals

Investment Advisory Services, Insurance Advisory Services and Financial Planning for Individual Clients

Below is a list of our Individual Client Services. For more information, please contact Wally Nichols at 404-348-4120.

Investment Advisory Services

Investment Advice and Asset Management
Non Qualified Account
Qualified Accounts
IRAs: Traditional, Roth, Rollover
Individual 401k
Investment Policy Statement Design
Planned Giving Strategies and Implementation
Investment Manager Search and Evaluation
Access to:
Private Account Management
Mutual Funds
Fixed and Variable Annuities
Individual Securities
Certificates of Deposit with FDIC Insurance
Alternative Investments
Insurance Advisory Services
Private Exchange Low-Cost Health Insurance

Existing Life Insurance Review and Premium Savings Analysis
New Life Insurance Policy Design
Disability Policy Analysis
Long Term Care Policy Analysis
Immediate and Deferred Annuities
Annuities Used in Elder Care
Leveraged Wealth Transfer Strategies
Financial Planning

Investment Planning and Analysis
Retirement Planning and Analysis
Life Insurance Needs Analysis
Disability Insurance Needs Analysis
Long Term Needs Analysis
Incorporation of Alternative Investment Sleeves into Portfolio Allocation Models for Total Return
Risk Management Sleeves to address Volatility Concerns