Managed Money

There is a seemingly inexhaustible supply number of investment choices available to you:  stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, REITs, alternative investments, etc. But, an equally important issue to address is who is managing those investments for you. FAN offers Non-Proprietary 3rd Party Money Management.

Managed Money is singularly focused on providing the very best in investment management services with an emphasis on:

  • Both the appreciation and preservation of a clients assets or in other words making money and NOT losing money; and
  • Providing a platform that aligns the best interest of the client with that of the representative and the company.

Managed Money is an investment advisor, fee based, structure which reestablishes the concept of a total overall view of asset management to include the following key components:

  • Access to virtually any asset class to include the safety of cash or cash equivalents
  • Flexibility to move to any such asset class based on market conditions
  • Management of assets by a dedicated and focused either individual or a group of individual professional money managers
  • An emphasis on absolute performance, regardless of market conditions, as opposed to simply tracking the relative performance of a concentrated benchmark
  • Full and transparent disclosure of all fees and the retention of assets based strictly on investment results as opposed to the restricted access to assets through sales charges, redemption fees or surrender fees make it more expensive to exit than to stay invested in a poorly performing vehicle.